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Jeremy Perkins


Jeremy has been working in the coffee business for 15 years, firstly with coffeevolution and more recently as part of the Bean brothers’ team. In a previous life he was a professional viola player (I know, the viola) and it was whilst touring the world that the inspiration and love of coffee was first ignited. He is father to Emily, George and Albie-Jack and when not enthusing about coffee, he is to be found working on his PhD or trying in vain to restore a dilapidated house/ruin in France.

P.s Jeremy is on the right.




James Perkins


James came into the coffee business firstly as a barista and later as part of the Bean brothers’ team as head roaster. James the more youthful Bean brother started out in the family business of being one of the Queen’s messengers before moving into coffee. He himself is a keen musician and will pretty much turn his hand to any instrument. He is father to William and when he is not roasting, sourcing or cupping coffee, he is to be found roaming the great British woodland 'wild camping' and searching for lesser-known wild mushrooms.

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